A win-win Roulette Strategies

If you are looking for a system that supposedly will allow you to make a profit in roulette securely, then you are wasting your time and energy. It’s like inventing the perpetual motion machine: the solution seems so simple, but all attempts to create it break up about the unshakable law of conservation of energy. […]

If you are looking for a system that supposedly will allow you to make a profit in roulette securely, then you are wasting your time and energy. It’s like inventing the perpetual motion machine: the solution seems so simple, but all attempts to create it break up about the unshakable law of conservation of energy. So is roulette. All attempts to invent roulette methods that would guarantee victory over online casinos do not stand the test by the mathematical laws of probability theory.

Roulette is a game that attracts gamers for more than three hundred years. It is undoubtedly the most exciting and fascinating, and it also contains many tense moments that attract gambling people so much. Since its inception, gamers are just looking for a sure way to win, and win over the wheel.

For this, various systems and strategies are being developed, the main tasks of which are to reduce the casino advantage and increase the player’s capabilities. In this case, luck should not play the leading role in roulette. For three hundred years of playing roulette, people have come up with and tried many methods, some of which turned out to be quite interesting and effective, and the rest are simply useless. And in general, the best roulette strategies that help to win reduce the influence of the casino, and if you still have luck, they will show excellent results; hence they will help to get a decent amount.

Proven strategies are always successful if you use them correctly. But wanting to win roulette, you need to remember that this is a game in which no system will give a full guarantee, as in any calculations, the result largely depends on the fortune. It is impossible to make predictions in which you will never lose, and if someone tries to convince you otherwise – do not believe it.

Whatever system you play, the casino will still have an advantage due to an extra cell on the wheel; at a long distance, this advantage is expressed in the amount of 2.7% (1/37) of all players’ bets.

Any win-win system at roulette does not guarantee you a 100% win but only ensures that you will not lose over 2.7% of your bets (and at a long distance) because of your stupidity. Therefore, it is called “win-win”, and not “victorious”.

One of the valuable advice of practitioners, there is advice to play mainly in European roulette, since in it the advantage of the casino is only 2.63%, compared, for example, with the American, in which it is 5.26%. For this reason, roulette is very popular in Europe and met a slightly cool attitude in the US. Therefore, choosing a European roulette, you will already make a small step to winnings. Even if you do not live in Europe, the Internet makes it possible to play from anywhere in the world.

The second important rule is the ability to manage your finances in the game. This rule is suitable not only for playing roulette but for all other gambling. First of all, you need to determine your financial limit, and secondly, do not put too much amount. Following such simple advice, the chances of winning will significantly increase. You need to take a rule:

  • determine before the game the amount that can be spent;
  • stop, if something went wrong according to plan;
  • determine the maximum allowed rate;
  • put off part of the win right in the game, and do not waste it.

Five basic rules for earning at roulette

Pay attention to the following 5 points! They are the basis of all gambling.

  1. Before the game starts, you need to check the casino for honesty
  2. The total casino income per day should not exceed 90% of the deposit amount
  3. Better to avoid all-in betting
  4. Play strictly on the system
  5. Avoid betting on five numbers, because only with this bet the advantage of the casino is maximally

Despite the simplicity of the fourth rule, it turns out to be the most difficult to do. The player is overwhelmed with emotions and most often people are not in a position to control themselves. In this regard, the most significant mistakes are made

Significant winnings that the casino paid to the players such as 7,850 thousand dollars, which lucky gamers could win in slots. This practice shows that the casino provides an opportunity to win honestly, and will pay all the money if you are lucky in the game. If you are tired of playing roulette, the casino will offer you a choice of 100 different games. And the rates are available to anyone and start at five cents.

Playing the same roulette, you need to count every minute that you spend at the table because in a short time you can win a fortune. Self-discipline is critical in roulette and no case should one lose one’s self-control, since such people never rascal from roulette.

In addition to general rules, there are specific strategies that help win, as, for example, the martingale strategy. By its rules, if you have a lot of free money, then you theoretically will not lose. After each loss, you must bet twice, until there is a first victory, and this will restore all losses incurred. And the profit should equal the first rate.

Advanced ways to play roulette

All ways of playing roulette at best reduce the variance and the probability of a significant loss, but will not give you a 100% profit, despite the assurances of the sellers of these systems. But this is also not bad. If you are at least relatively insured against a major loss, you will get more chances to wait for luck and, in the end, to win a decent amount due to luck, but not at the expense of the system.

Many know the Martingale strategy. Perhaps, this is the most popular and the best roulette system. It involves playing on “chances” (for example, red-black). According to this strategy, the player needs to repeat and double the bet in case of losing the previous bet. Sooner or later your chance will play, and you will return all the lost bets plus win the amount at the rate of the initial bet.

Also worthy of attention are the following systems of roulette games: D’Alembert, Grind, Karl Alexander, Progress Progress 31, Gutting progression and others.

Most roulette strategies assume the game only on “chances”. And this is not accidental. Playing “odds” is easier to predict events, the probability of major loss decreases. But it will be challenging to win too much. We propose a strategy of complementary numbers. It, like other strategies, does not guarantee a one hundred percent gain, you will still have a mathematical expectation of a loss of 2.7%. But this method of playing roulette includes all the advantages of the best strategies and will allow you in case of success to maximize the chance of a big win.

System of complementary numbers

  1. Each time you simultaneously make three bets – 1) for the color (black-red), 2) for the 1st, for the 2nd or 3rd dozen, 3) and for a separate number.
  2. First, choose a color. Suppose you chose “black”. Then choose any black number and the dozen that this number is in. Do the bets, observing the proportion: the number $1, the “dozen” $3, the “color” $4. The total is $8.
  3. If you get a different color or zero (probability 51.3%), then you lose $8. Then you need to double the following rates.
  4. In 33% of cases, your color will win, and bet on a dozen and a number will lose. In this case, your profit will be $0. You will not lose anything and will not win ($4×2- $8=$1), but you will be free to try your luck for the second time. You do not need to raise your bid.
  5. In 16% of cases, only a dozen win, and color and number will lose, profit=$9- $8=$1. You do not need to raise or lower the bet here.
  6. In 16% of cases, both color and a dozen win. Your profit: $9+$8- $8=$9. If you previously raised (doubled the rate), then you should go down to the original level.
  7. In one case, out of 37 (2.7%), your number will win, which means both color and a dozen. In this case, your profit will be $36+$9+$8=$54.

Martingale system

Who studied higher mathematics, he knows the theory of probability. According to the players, Martingale is well suited for playing roulette.

The emphasis is on using two colors: the red sector and black (1: 1 rate). The basic rule of the game is to double the bet after each loss. Bets on one color are made until the win occurs. The initial rate is usually $1. After each win, you need to change the color and act on the same principle. If zero drops (0), then you need to double the bet on the color, which is the opposite of the color from which the game started.

Is there a maximum bid limit?

As for the maximum rate, it is desirable that it is not more than 1% of the total winnings. For example, if a player won $450, within one day, then it is recommended to stop the game at least for a day. There are very long series of falling out of one event (for example, 15 times in a row). Such a case most often means a player’s loss, but this is rarely the case. If the player wins, then his bet should return to the initial ($1).

Concerning deduction of money, here it is necessary to observe the precise balance and to leave the account not less than 10% of a prize. The main disadvantage of this method is the established maximum bet limit, that is, in practice the casino allows you to double the bet no more than 6-7 times. An additional disadvantage of the system is the limited size of the player’s funds.

Although roulette is such a game, which has bad luck, the martingale system is very effective and almost does not fail. In practice, the players who use it won large sums. And the tactics proved to be so useful that some casinos began to hinder the game on this system, changing the size of the bets.

For example, if you put the dollar on red, then the probability of winning is 50%. If you won the dollar, then the next bet must be identical and again on red. This should continue until the loss, after which the rate in the dollar should be raised to two (twice). At the next loss, it will already be four dollars, but you can not change the color. At the end of the game on the system, you will have a win, and the initial bet is undesirable to bet more than five dollars.

If you are lucky and you are currently in the “plus”, think carefully – whether you should continue the game. After all the more you play, the more chances the casino has to realize its advantage and get its “legitimate” profit of 2.7%, guaranteed by the laws of mathematics. Remember, the best method of playing roulette is the ability to stop in time. Therefore, when playing roulette for money, be extremely careful.

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